Beartooth – Disease

American hardcore band Beartooth have just released their latest record Disease, and we’re delighted to announce that their third full length effort has surpassed our every expectation. They’ve improved upon their sound in every way, and have also managed to mature and change things up enough to stop things becoming repetitive.

By Jane Howkins

They’ve made their mark upon the metalcore/hardcore scenes by being different from most of the other bands out there. Beartooth’s music has always been heavy but the band have also got a knack for writing incredibly catchy tunes, and Disease shows them pushing both of these aspects of their fascinating musical personality even further forward.

First things first – this might just be the heaviest thing they’ve ever released. There are far more actual riffs present than usual in this genre, with the band’s punk and metal influences shining through clearly. We would definitely say that their music is more along the hardcore punk lines than the metalcore lines now, and that’s certainly a plus in our eyes. The catchy notions that the band are known for are also still here, with most tracks containing both a barrage of heavy riffs and a brilliant chorus, and it is this mixture of styles that truly makes Beartooth a great band. A lot of bands consigned to the metalcore stable tend to forget that a song needs to be memorable, but not this band.

We’re also suitably impressed with the vocals here, with vocalist Caleb Shomo pushing his voice to the max with his screams and clean singing styles. The production on Disease is also fantastic, and this really adds to the sound of Shomo’s voice, making every note sound absolutely delectable. Simply put it’s a fantastic album, and it’s one that shows Beartooth making strides within their genre. If you’re into hardcore or metalcore at all then you should get something from Disease, and we highly recommend fans of those genres check this band out.