Fully Local #3

Here we go again! The gig that is dedicated to supporting local talent! A local gig for local people!

REDFERN are going to top this one! They are fronted by none other than Cat Redfern of Mantra fame. It’s a very big tasty dollop of grunge rock. Come and get your fill of riffage, that’s topped off nicely with a sweet vocal!

In the middle, we welcome THE SHAMBLE who are playing their first ever gig on our stage! We don’t fully know what to expect, but we’re talking indie rock here. Come and see what they’ve got in their collective locker!

Opening up, we’ve roped in THE BEAMS for a set. These guys are a bit folky, a bit punky, a bit indie, infact, there isn’t a genre they don’t know how to play! It’s a real mixed bag o’ goodies, so come down and see what they do!

£4 entry
8pm start