X Ray Cat Trio, Black Lagoons, Shakin’ Nightmares, Wax Phantoms – The Fulford Arms

A dirty slop fest of messed up garage trash chunder-blunder.

X Ray Cat Trio are simply the best. Like ol’ Tina yelped in the 80’s on her famous record. Nobody does it better. Like Carly Simon sang. SIMPLY THE BEST UK ROCKABILLY BAND AT THE MOMENT. NOBODY DOES IT BETTER. A touring force of authentic rockabilly trash, the band lives on the road. 3 superior musicians at the top of their game. Come and see for yourself.

In support, it’s York’s own dangerous gang of hoodlums; The Black Lagoons. Easily one of York’s wildest, darkest stars. You ain’t heard rock and roll as dark as this before.

Shakin’ Nightmares! The revved-up rockabilly goth-punkers from Saltburn. They are a formidable force and are sure to grow taller than Jack’s fabled beanstalk.

Wax Phantoms…  The undead are rising again! The Gambler, The Cowboy, The Dancer and The Clown. Smell their death, see their gore and hear their wonky, wobbly surf hits.

£6 OTD
8pm start, Tuesday 16th October.