Local TV and Radio Presenter Ryan Swain wins award. Exclusive interview!

Malton presenter and entertainer Ryan Swain has been recognized and won a regional award for Outstanding Contribution to presenting live events and his diversity in entertainment supporting local music, entertainment and culture across Yorkshire in The Yorkshire Gig Guides Grassroots Awards 2018. He received the award on Sunday evening which was held at a sold out ceremony at Imperial Music & Brewery in Mexborough, South Yorkshire.

Ryan, who’s career kick-started as a coat-style entertainer at one of the UK’s most popular Theme Parks Flamingo Land Resort in North Yorkshire in 2012, said he absolutely is absolutely thrilled and delighted to of been recognized for this award. Ryan left Flamingo Land in 2017 and was the first presenter of their hugely popular PARTY IN THE PARK concerts. He then went on to present and be and DJ on Minster FM’s Saturday Night Show and now hosts live events nationwide working with some of biggest names in showbiz.

Ryan is now been quoted to be one of the best live presenters in the UK by some top promoters and events companies in the industry, hosting huge live events, music festivals and television and radio shows across Yorkshire and beyond and he has now earned celebrity status through his successful social media pages and has gained over a 100,000 followers online from his comedy videos. He has recently been reviewed as “A young Michael Barrymore, a real live wire and a breath of fresh air to entertainment.”

He said: “I am very proud of what I have achieved and things just keep getting bigger and better and even more exciting than I could possibly imagine. With no management, no endorsements and no financial backing I have managed to achieve so much and I am incredibly proud of that. I love contributing and giving stuff back not just to my local community but to my local fans, people and most importantly my family. I would like to thank each and everyone of you who voted for me in the awards, who have supported me and continue to do so. I overwhelmed to of even been considered worthy of such an accolade and I am extremely grateful. Thankfully I have a very supportive family network and great friends and fans who encourage and support my talents who I am forever thankful too.”

The Yorkshire Gig Guide is an aspiring, uthentic, inclusive magazine; raising awareness, creating opportunities and encouraging action in the cultural life of Yorkshire they also do reviews of live events albums, features and interviews relating to Yorkshire’s grassroots culture which is run by director and editor Andrew Sugden.

We also had the opportunity to sit down and get an exclusive interview with Ryan – see below for more details!

By Jane Howkins

How long have you been entertaining?

Since I was 5 – I found I was destined for entertainment when my parents (Paul & Debbie) got me a magician for my fifth birthday party. He picked me as his volunteer and I ended up taking over his whole show in front of my friends and family, and getting bigger laughs than he did on the stage. Apparently he was furious, which looking back in hindsight is a very funny story.

What can we compare you to in the entertainment world?

Well if you have recently been to see The Greatest Showman I am a real life Barnum, I have a family, and children (Ivy & Isla) who are identical twins and want the best for them, so I am always searching and exploring new ideas for work and routines. I’m often referred to as a the entertainment entrepreneur and have a various accolades under my belt.

What was like hosting PARTY IN THE PARK at Flamingo Land Resort?

It was great – I presented the shows for 4 years on the Riverside 1 Stage and got to work with some huge acts and bands in front of sell out audiences. I remember hosting the first ever one which was on board a tractor and trailer at the top of the resorts car park.

Are any of your family in showbusiness?

My fiancée Natalia is a dancer, we met at Flamingo Land Resort in 2013 whilst working onan entertainment contract there together. Other than that no, I grew up in Norton On Derwent with my Mum Deborah and Father Paul, and I also have a brother Trent. I get my creative flairs from my mother because she is an artist and very talented one at that, and I get my verbal dhiorea from my Dad who really can talk the talk.

What would you like to do next in your career?

I would like to pursue a full time slot either on radio or televison – I’ve done both locally for short periods of time but nothing stable. I’d like to have my own talk show and perhaps bring back the whole Saturday night variety package pack to television and the entertainment world and try and push away this awful, cliche reality television that we are all sick to death of seeing. I’d like to bring back good family fun gameshows that people can get involved with at home.

You have recently won an award for Outstanding Individual Contribution which was given to you by The Yorkshire Gig Guide how did that feel?

Amazing – I was truly overwhelmed, not just for the award but for the communal support from fans, friends and family members and the people who voted for me.

Have you got any shows coming up in York?

Not this year so far, but I have a big show coming up in Hull on the 29th October hosting The Official Only Fools & Horses Convention and then I have a full stint of DJ sets and Christmas Light switch ons over the festive period.