Estrons – You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough

This Cardiff based indie band are a breath of fresh air, and female lead vocalist Tali Kallstrom stands firmly in the shoes of so many successful U.K. female led pop/indie bands like Catatonia, The Cardigans, Texas, and Florence and the Machine, with Estrons carrying on this great tradition for a new generation with debut album You Say I’m Too Much, I Saw You’re Not Enough.

By Martin Frank

Accompanied skilfully by Rhodi Daniel, Steffan Pringle and Adam Walton, this band have carefully crafted their sound since 2013 to present (for our total pleasure) this, their debut album. It was only when we started listening to the album that we realised that it’s been years since we were treated to such a great sound 0 from the start the album bursts into life with Lilac and Tali crying out “Gimme gimme gimme gimme more, he said.” It’s  a strong track, and one that will make you want to bounce and jump around, introducing us perfectly to an album of ten polished tracks from a band ready to take on the world.

Make a Man is a classic on the first listen with Tali crying “I gotta make a man outta you”, and you just know that there will be audiences everywhere joining in when they perform this live, as it’s is such a catchy tune that it’s gotta be a sure fire hit. Strangers is a little slower but is gloriously melodic, filled with messages about how we change when we’re with someone special. Amid the story unfolding is a clever tune that will leave your feet tapping and head nodding, which is something this band do well. Body and Jade are pure and sound classically hard, with both of them being cool and moody indie tracks that are spookily familiar and yet fresh for a new generation to enjoy.

Aliens is a bluesy, haunting tune that contains some fabulous lines (including those that make up the album title), and it’s here that the whole thing falls into place. Then, as a treat the album finishes with  post-modern track Drop which contains hints of the Ramones and echoes of gritty indie rock.

This  feels like more than adebut album because it’s crammed full of confidence from a perfectly formed band that have everything in place. There isn’t a bad track on here or a filler in sight, so grab this album with both hands, play it and enjoy the ride! Estrons are here and they’re on the move.