Evil Scarecrow at Fibbers

It was a great night of rock entertainment – ask anyone who went to Fibbers on Thursday night and they’ll let you know that audience engagement was set to 11.

Review and Photos by Chris Mackins

The night started with heavy blues/stoner rock band Ten Foot Wizard, who’s singer could almost kick as high as the ceiling, belted out a ton of powerful vocals which was balanced out with great rock riffs.  The audience seemed a little shy at first, mostly standing further back towards the bar area, but they eventually all made their way to the front of the stage and it seemed like this party was only just getting started when along came the Theremin and the heron which marked the end of this set.

Evil Scarecrow took to the stage and put on one of the best and most entertaining gigs I’ve seen in ages.  This was the must see gig if you like your metal very loud, along with viking drummers, robots in igloos, aliens in boxes being carried by cyber-bots and poltergeists. What gig would be complete without a giant crab, an elf and an inflatable tube man? This all happened while the band drank from the skulls of their enemies!

Evil Scarecrow rocked out tunes such as Cosmos Goth Moth Gong, Poltereghost and Skulls of Our Enemies (all from the new album Antartartica). Red Riding Hood, again from the new album, was the track to get the audience into a sexy dance-off competition to help celebrate an audience member’s 30th birthday.  

The highlights of the night were Crabulon (in which the audience, en masse, created an ocean of raised arms forming a flash-mob repeated crab pincer movements, all the while being encouraged by a robot crab on stage) and Robototron, which saw the robots busting out from the igloo on stage whilst the audience did the robot square.

It was also great to hear a metal ballad and of course  it was only a matter of moments before the lighters and camera torches were being gently waved aloft. And not before the end of the night the audience, who were having an amazing time were then asked to whistle and fart like an Antartarctica wind as the band unleashed their title track of their new album.  It was a storming night and it was appropriately wrapped up by Hurriacanado.

This was a gig of two halves: the band and the audience. It’s not often you can go to a metal gig and call it a total joy. But this one was.

Ten Foot Wizard and Evil Scarecrow played at Fibbers on Thursday 18 October 2018.