Oliver Proudfoot – As I Wait By My Window Side

Oliver Proudfoot is a British folk singer-songwriter based in Melbourne Australia, having recently produced an EP filled with four evocative songs sung in his own dreamy voice. It is here that we find different stories to lose ourselves in…

By Martin Frank

As I Wait By My Window Side starts us off on this journey with several heartfelt tracks in which we start by wondering what Oliver can see through the the window he’s sitting beside. He’s thinking about a woman for a lot of it, although he manages to describe that feeling in a completely new way. When you’re deep within the dreamy song he adds the harmonica to take it to another place. This song has grown on me and I can see him playing this in some small bar somewhere as people tap their feet and shake their heads, being simply lost in the world he has just created.

Songs In My Head is the next track, being a good example of just how he manages to keep these songs going round and round in his head as we get to feel how he writes. It sounding familiar and is wonderfully modern folk  – not the sixties version that takes us back but new folk that’s going somewhere different.

Did You Hear About Mercy? is another a moody track about a broken relationship. This song races along following the skilled trickling of a guitar splashing and bubbling about like a spring brook as he pours out his heart to his lost love.

Just Passin Through’ is an fabulously understated song and the last song on the EP. Oliver croons deeply, and as his guitar fills the sound of the song it shows us a darker side of the musician – the guy in this song is a quiet brooder that you do not want to mess with. These are magical songs and are far better the more you listen to them. If you like your folk music slightly edgy, moody and filled with great lyrics then look no further, if anything I was left wanting more. Come on Oliver, we want an album!