Cheese & Wine Painting Club – Pocklington Arts Centre

Have you always wanted to have a go at painting your very own work of art? Do you like drinking wine and eating cheese? Would you like to spend an evening doing all of the above?

Then the Cheese & Wine Painting Club could be just what you need.

The monthly sessions, held at Pocklington Arts Centre, give everyone the chance to paint their very own masterpiece on canvas to take home, while enjoying two glasses of wine and a cheeseboard.

The sessions are run at venues up and down the country by Ed Sumner, founder of the Cheese & Wine Painting Club who grew up in Pocklington, and attended Pocklington School, who is keen to dispel a few of the myths around painting.

Ed said: “We are dispelling the myth that painting is a really hard thing to do. We supply all the material, as we want to have art making accessible to everyone in a friendly, relaxed environment. It is an opportunity to switch off from the real world for a few hours, which some find quite therapeutic. Personally I can’t think of a better way to unwind after a long day at work, than with a glass of wine and a paintbrush in hand. During each session, the painters learn a few techniques in acrylic painting, as well as the basics of composition, and sometimes even get to learn a little bit of art history.
All materials are provided and no prior experience or skills are necessary. We will look after you, normally half the class haven’t painted since they were at school or perhaps have never painted before. Rest assured you won’t be on your own.

The next Cheese & Wine Painting Club session at PAC, in which participants will learn to paint Abstract Flowers, is on Thursday 8 November, 7.30pm.

Coming up will be Banksy on Thursday 6 December, 7.30pm; and French Fields on Thursday 17 January, 7.30pm.

Tickets are £40 or £29.50 (without cheese & wine). For further information visit or