Youth Killed It – What’s So Great, Britain?

Indie-pop quartet Youth Killed It released their sophomore album What’s So Great, Britain? at the start of this month, and we finally found the time to sit down and take a listen to it – we’re happy to say that we weren’t disappointed!

By Jane Howkins

They’ve been described as a punk band in recent years and whilst they did originally start out as a metal band, we wouldn’t say that this is all that correct. Instead, the band’s music tows the indie-pop line quite well, with bouncy tracks and colourful lyrics tied together with jangly guitar riffs to make something that sounds indisputably British. It’s a shame this came out in October as it would make for a perfect summer record, with a joy present in Youth Killed It’s sound that you don’t often hear in this style of music.

Their music has more to it than what you might expect though, with the band displaying both style and substance here. Don’t let the clean production fool you – Youth Killed It are a band with a brain and a lot of their tracks seem to have a poignant topic behind them – this political nature may be where the punk label has come from. Single Headbutt looks at the epidemic of toxic masculinity that seems to have arisen across the western world, and the album as a whole seems to have a running theme behind it – just look at the title!

They may sound bouncy and poppy at first, but Youth Killed It have a lot more going on than first meets the ear. The production is a little too clean for us at times, but the songwriting more than makes up for that, and we highly recommend a listen to the lyrics as well, as there’s a lot of substance there too.