The Nimmo Brothers – Fibbers

Glasgow’s THE NIMMO BROTHERS, have proved themselves one of the most respected modern blues exponents the UK has seen since the blues boom of the 1960’s.

After almost 17 years of working together, and with Alan Nimmo currently enjoying huge success with King King, you could be excused for thinking the best days of The Nimmo Brothers as a band were behind them.

The truth is that the brothers from Glasgow are very much back in business! Well, for this one ‘reunion’ tour at least!

Showing the world that ‘taking it easy’ isn’t in the vocabulary of one of Scotland’s finest exports since the great Frankie Miller and a couple of slightly more famous brothers named Young.

Anyone who has ever seen the brothers perform live knows their inimitable all or nothing fashion – recommended!

Ticket: £17.50
Doors: 7.30pm, Thursday 8th November.
Age: 14+