Tonight Alive, Jamie Lenman, Wolf Culture – Fibbers

OK, so we all know this is going to sell out pretty sharpish…

Australia’s spiky pop-punters TONIGHT ALIVE (Jenna McDougall, Jake Hardy, Cam Adler & Matt Best) arguably fly just under the mainstream radar but, in Jenna McDougall who joined when just 16 yrs old) are fronted by one of the alternative scene’s most genuine and relatable women, with a talent for turning personal anguish into understated lyrical poetry.

After the global success of 2013’s make-or-break album The Other Side, the 2016 follow up Limitless by bravely took a wrecking ball to their pop-punk roots and embraced electronics, soaring arena-rock and a ’90s pop sensibility only hinted at previously. And when Jenna sings “Rules are made for us to break / Chances meant for us to take,” she obviously means it…

And so to January 2018 and Underworld, a reconnection with their roots, a little darker but tugging at the heartstrings in all the right ways.

Supported by Jamie Lenman and Wolf Culture.

Bands this good seldom this way come, don’t miss it…

Ticket: £17.00
Doors: 7pm, Saturday 10th November.
Age: 14+