Bollywood Comes to Yorkshire!

On Saturday a flavor of Bollywood came to Malton to film an exclusive music video for a top Bollywood music star. Directed by Tejas Dattani who is a top Bollywood Choreographer/Video Director and winner of TV show Bharat Ki Shaan Lets Dance with his wife Stephanie who is originally from Scarborough.

Stephanie Dattani cast local entertainer and actor Ryan Swain to co-star in the video alongside G. Chery and decided that Specialist Cars Of Malton in North Yorkshire was the perfect location to shoot some of the music video with the vast collection of high performance cars that they have in their showroom and around the beautiful country side in the area. Ryan Swain has been a Sales & Marketing Executive at Specialist Cars Of Malton since 2016 which is owned by John Hawkins and is home to some of the most prestigious and luxurious cars in the world.

The shoot also featured sports cars such as the Nissan GTR, Bentley Continentals, Lamborghini’s and Porsches with exotic dancers from across the region and even Eric The Dog who has recently become a mascot for the Dog Friendly Malton campaign and helped the town win the title of Dog Friendliest Town in the UK.

Ryan said ” It was a delight to bring a flavor of Bollywood to Malton and have them film at our showroom. I was thrilled to have also starred in the video. It was such a great shoot to do with the cars and it was really fun to do. We are all looking forward to seeing and hearing the song and seeing the final video when it is officially released in the charts.”