Stand Atlantic – Skinny Dipping

Stand Atlantic are a relatively new band on the pop-punk scene, and the hype surrounding them seems to have set them up in perfect position to blow up on these shores. Skinny Dipping is actually their debut album release, making this all the more impressive. But do they have what it takes to increase their standing even more amongst their peers?

By Jane Howkins

Generally, we think they do. If we’re being honest their music doesn’t really seem to do anything too different to the other bands contained within that genre stable, but we don’t really think it needs to at this stage. Musically it’s classic pop-punk and we’re happy to announce that their music seems to follow the older direction of the genre more than its newer style, but elements of both are present in their music.

The obvious comparison that will undoubtedly made is to Paramore, with their being quite a big similarity to that band’s former days. Vocalist Bonnie Fraser does have a very similar sound to that of Hayley Williams, and although that does sound somewhat like a lazy comparison, it’s hard not to come to that conclusion with this genre. Nevertheless, Fraser’s vocals are strong and suit the music perfectly, so this certainly isn’t a complaint.

Occasionally a bit of filler does slip onto the album, but most of the songs are punchy pop-punk slabs of brilliance, and whilst the band don’t do anything particularly groundbreaking on Skinny Dipping, that is enough for now. This is a solid first album for the band and one that has set them up to reach stardom further on down the road, if they wish to go that way.