Useless ID – 7 Hits From Hell

Punk band Useless ID have just released a new mini-album, titled 7 Hits From Hell. It’s a short burst of frenetic energy, with each of the songs here being extremely short and sweet, showing the band going back to their punk rock roots.

The longest track, No Time, clocks in at exactly 1 minute and 6 seconds, showing just how short these tracks really are. Fans wanting a new album proper may find themselves being somewhat disappointed, but it does act as a great stopgap between new record releases. All the tracks are new songs apart from one – Too Bad You Don’t Get It, which was featured on the Fat Wreck compilation album Short Music For Short People. The whole album clocks in at under 5 minutes, so it certainly won’t take long for you to listen and make your mind up about it!

The songs are punchy and fast, with frenetic riffs combining together with the band’s distinctive harmonised vocals. Make no mistake, this is definitely a Useless ID album, albeit one where the songs are a little shorter than perhaps expected. The problem with tracks this short is that there isn’t much to distinguish them from one another, and they sound extremely similar to one another. There isn’t anything that particularly stands out on 7 Hits From Hell, so the title is somewhat misleading.

It’s not a bad album by any means, but it feels a little like a missed venture. Fans of the band should like this but more casual listeners may feel turned off, and we would recommend they check out another album from their back catalogue instead.