The Lancashire Hotpots – Rescue Rooms

Last night we headed away from our usual York shores to Nottingham, to catch comedy folk band The Lancashire Hotpots in the act. The band are obviously from rival county Lancashire, but thankfully a second war of the roses did not occur, with the night being a night of riotous fun instead.

By Jane Howkins

First up were Stu Penders & Spladoosh, who consisted of a club backing band (Spladoosh) and drunk club singer Stu Penders. Stu’s act is also a comedic one, mainly based him acting drunk, singing the wrong words to popular songs, and wailing on stage about his wife leaving him. It sounds contrived on paper but was hilarious to watch – although we imagine a full set could get a little tiresome. We were thoroughly entertained by the act though, and it was obvious that Stu had put a lot of effort into it.

Headliners The Lancashire Hotpots were up next, starting at the strange time of 7.40 – rather early for the main band of the night! Despite the early start, they played a cracking set, mixing in new tracks and old favourites to appease the crowd. Their songs are typical folk tunes with funny lyrics – mostly about eating chips and drinking beer. The audience got into the swing of things right away, and people were singing and dancing along from the very first track. By the end of the evening the whole thing felt like a fantastic party, and the band had a fantastic knack for onstage banter that made them seem really down to earth. A conga line ensued at one point, which enabled this reviewer to make her way forward from the back to the front of the room!

We really, really enjoyed the show and would highly recommend you catch The Lancashire Hotpots live if you have the chance. Admittedly we didn’t really know many of the songs but soon got into it, and will certainly be checking their music out in the future. The atmosphere was fantastic and the banter was magic, and their playing was as tight as ever, despite the comedic atmosphere – a band well worth catching if you haven’t already!