Crazy Pink Revolvers – The Fulford Arms

Rocking their original line up, The Fulford Arms are are happy to be hosting one of only 4 nights for the legendary Crazy Pink Revolvers.

Crazy Pink Revolvers were formed in 1986 after Stan Stammers recruited James Adam Bolton to play guitar, whom he had met at a gig at the then Town & Country Club (The Forum) in Kentish Town, London.

When Stan was looking for a name for his new band, his friend Annie Watkins suggested the name Crazy Pink Revolvers, which she was going to use for her new clothes shop, Stan instantly loved it, and decided to use the name.

Both Stan and Adam spent from early 1986 until August 1986 writing songs, and looking for musicians, and around August 1986 Stan knew this really good drummer called Jake Slee, who lived in the same area and was promptly asked to fill the drum stool. Daniel Drummond sang with a band called Lack of Knowledge, singing kind of political punk stuff, and he was introduced to the band and was hired.

It’s been a while but this is gonna be a special night

Support is from:

Bradford’s finest: C.P.S.D
C.P.S.D is a electronic/heavy blues artist mixing hip hop influences with big guitar riffs and desert influenced vocals. We are delighted to have them on this lineup for their York debut.


The York sledgehammer Motorpunks return to live shows with their new drummer! Diego is his name and playing fast is his game! You don’t want to miss this return of these York juggernauts!

See them on Thursday 22nd November.