Saves the Day – 9

These guys are an American rock band from the East coast (New Jersey in fact), led by front man Chris Conley. Formed in 1994, they’ve had several album releases over nearly a quarter of a century of recording and had a great turnover of band members with Conley being the only constant to their sound.

By Martin Frank

9 is their latest release and is a fun, fast paced grunge/rock album filled with catchy tracks honest to their roots and heritage. There are no surprises here – you get what you expect starting with Saves the Day – a short self-titled track of pure head shaking, foot tapping joy. “You know we love it when you sing along” Conley cries drawing you in to their sound and you’re sold.

Side by Side is a catchy anthem with awesome guitar rifts – the song grows and grows and you know you’ll have to sing along as the songs chorus kicks in, showing the showmanship of the band. Years of experience tells here and with musical tricks and catchy lyrics this is a grower. Kerouac and Cassady is a fabulous head nodding classic – it’s filled with seventies echoes and easy sing-along lines. It’s a strong powerful track with great guitar solos that will have rock chicks swaying in tight jeans, and make the audience bounce along.

The whole album feels like a discovery. The sounds are familiar because this was how music used to be, Saves the Day have been giving us great rock music in their own style for decades and this nine-track buffet is filled with delicious treats. These are full on anthems that will slip under your skin and soak into your soul, if you like your rock a little grungy, if you like to be in a filled rock club standing next to sweaty strangers that share your musical taste, then I can think of nothing better that enjoying these guys live. 9 is a polished, chilled rock album crammed full with songs that fit the way that you feel. It’s not often that you hear a new album that you can sing along to from beginning to end. It’s a skilled piece of work that Conley should be proud of and I hope that it gives him the mass visibility that he deserves because we’re “So in love with your music!”.