#360Raw6 – Interviews

You’re playing at the #360RAW6 in Leeds at the end of the month. Are you looking forward to it and do you know what to expect?

Velvit: We’re buzzing to be playing #360RAW6; we’ve been looking forward to this gig ever since we were kindly considered for it. We expect some seriously high levels of performance from all the bands involved; the selection is top class and we expect a party!

Wuzi: Yeah, we are buzzing for it as it’s the day of release of our new EP on the same day. so we will get to showcase our new tunes. We’ve played Richard Watson’s normal show 360 Club before and the night is always a big success, so we can only expect more of that with Alan Raw on board as well. He’s got great credibility and helps heaps of up and coming bands from West Yorkshire through BBC Introducing.

Jagged Moon: Yes, we’re really excited to get on stage. We love the sound and atmosphere at the Lending Room so it will be a top gig. Looking at the line-up we’re excited to see how it plays out because the other bands sound great on record. Also, we always enjoy hearing new music from other unsigned bands in Yorkshire so Alan Raw’s DJ set should be fun.

Have you ever played anything like this before? And is Leeds an area you like playing?

Velvit: We have played at The Lending Room as Velvit before and it is always a bouncing venue. But this one is special, we’ve never done a live gig for radio before and we’ve never had Alan Raw DJ at one of our gigs, so it will definitely be special!

Wuzi: Earlier this year we released out first EP Bozo Material at a 360 Club show. We are based in Leeds so we have no choice but to love it.

Jagged Moon: Not as Jagged Moon, this will be our first ever gig. All the band members have been playing gigs all over the place for years and collectively Leeds is probably one our favourite cities to play in.

Do you have any more tour dates coming up? If so, when and where?

Velvit: We are in the middle of organising our 2019 tour, so keep your eyes out for the Velvit Ball.

Jagged Moon: No this will be our only show in 2018, but who knows? 2019 could be a busy one at this rate.

Have you released any new music recently? If not, do you have anything scheduled for release soon and what can you tell us about it?

Velvit: We released our debut single, DIG, earlier on this year; it’s pretty mega! Find it on all music platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. New music will be on the way at the start of next year.

Wuzi: Our Severed Head will be released on 30 November, and will be available on all major platforms. The Compromised Host music video is already up and YouTube and the finishing touches to our next music video, Big Noose, is being done in time for the release.

Jagged Moon: Yes, we currently have two tracks available in the usual places and two more fresh from the studio with plans to go back in at the start of 2019 to record some more. We will release more soon; we like to share.

Why do you think people should come and see you perform at #360RAW6 and what should people expect from your show?

Velvit: Why wouldn’t you? Its Friday night, the tickets are a bargain and the bands are unreal! Expect a powerful performance from Velvit with enough energy to power a small town, like Pontefract or something like that.

Wuzi: Expect an energetic, raucous performance to match anything you can see in rock music.

Jagged Moon: Because we’re loud and tight and dancey; it’s our first gig and you might be surprised; and we’re sexy, mad, happy people. Come and judge us heavily.

Any last words for your fans?

Velvit: You will be gutted if you miss this gig. Honestly!

Wuzi: Listen to our new EP all day Friday, then turn up, tune in and rock out. Peace.

Jagged Moon: If you have a ticket then congratulations … see you on the dancefloor