Beans On Toast – A Bird In The Hand

A Bird In The Hand is the new album from folk singer-songwriter Beans On Toast, all set for release on December 1st. We’ll be honest – it’s more of the same from the British musician, but that’s generally not a bad thing when the songs are this good!

By Jane Howkins

Don’t come to this expecting anything radically different from his past work and you should like this. If we’re being honest, it’s perhaps one of his safest albums yet, but there are still plenty of good tracks here. It does occasionally get a little generic, but after a few listens you find yourself singing along in no time.

When we saw him last at Y Not Festival this year, we remarked that he seemed to have mellowed somewhat, with more tracks seeming to be about his family, and less about politics and drugs (two of his favourite songwriting topics in the past). The same is true of this album, with heartwarming songs about his baby and wife taking over here. There are still socio-political songs here (Alexa is a tale about where today’s technological society could end up in the future), but there are decidely more tracks about love and happiness than before. They’re still great songs and the music sounds pretty similar, but those who primarily listened to Beans because of his lyrics may find themselves a little disappointed.

It’s still a good album, but at some point Beans On Toast is going to have to mix things up a little to keep moving forwards. He’s obviously moving forwards in a more mature way due to the change in lyrical topic, but if the music could move the same way then that would be great too. Still, if it ain’t broke…