Skinny Lister – Interview

Skinny Lister have recently announce a new album and set of tour dates for next year. As long time fans of the band, we though this would be a good opportunity to have a chat with Lorna Thomas to find out what we can expect from them next year – it all sounds very exciting!

By Jane Howkins

You’re releasing a new album soon. Are you excited for that?

Yep – we’re out of the studio and raring to go! This year has been all about getting the best tunes and the best sound for them so that when we come back we’ve got new material that we hope the fans will love. Having people enjoy those is what it’s all about for me personally. I know the lads generally love being in the studio but the moment that you share the new music with the fans is what it’s all about!

What can you tell us about the new album, and what can we expect from it?

The Story Is… has emerged as an album full of very true stories, hence the title track’s name fits so neatly – it seemed too good to pass up on. It’s probably our most personal album yet. We’ve also experimented with styles & sounds more than ever before. It keeps it fresh for us and the listeners we hope! When recording like this, we sometimes worry that it doesn’t fit under the Skinny Lister sound. But when they tracks come to the stage we’ve found that they do just nicely. We’re looking forward to seeing how these ones fit into the set!

You released a new single recently called 38 minutes. What can you tell us about it? Can we expect any more singles anytime soon?

38 Minutes was inspired by the false alarm of a nuclear missile attack on Hawaii earlier this year, and how the Hawaiians reacted to the earth shattering news. It is an instantly frenetic track that intends to encourage you to think about what YOU would do if you had such a shocking notification through your mobile phone as the unsuspecting good people in Hawaii experienced. And yes! We plan to release a few singles in the lead up to the release of the album. In fact, the title track is due to come out very soon so watch this space!

It’s quite a political track. Are you into politics? What are your thoughts on the world at the moment?

I don’t see it as a political track. Just an observation. This happened. Having so many friends affected by it really made us imagine what it would be like to be told something like that. Reading about people’s responses was a really interesting insight into people’s characters. We thought if we find it interesting to read about then writing a song about it would be interesting for people to hear. Plus so many people over here don’t even know if happened. It’s crazy!

The folk punk scene has grown over the years. What are your thoughts on that growth, and what other artists from the scene do you recommend we check out?

The growth of a scene can only be a good thing. So long as everyone is having a good time or finding it helpful to express themselves then what’s not to like? There’s loads of exciting new artists out there. Holy Moly & The Crackers are great from Newcastle, Beans on Toast has a brilliant take on the world, Ferocious Dog, the list goes on!

What sort of artists are you influenced by, and who have you been listening to recently that you can recommend?

Well there’s six of us in the band and we all hail from all sorts of backgrounds so Skinny Lister is a big melting pot of all sorts of influences. To get a better idea than talking to me you can follow our Spotify playlist Lister’s Latest Listens which we update each month with new (and old) stuff that we’ve just discovered or just can’t put down.

You have quite a long tour coming up soon. Are you looking forward to it?

Of course we are. That’s why we’re here! Making music and playing it to people who want to hear it! As I said, we’re out of the studio and raring to go. The last few tours have been sold out and tickets are already selling well for this next stint. There’s nothing better than having a room full of joyous people hollering your music back at you. Priceless.

You’re touring with Trapper Schoepp. What can you tell us about him, and were you fans of his or friends before the tour was arranged?

Trapper is a great singer/ songwriter. He’s performing solo on our tour but does have a band in the states. We first met him when he opened for us over there on a nationwide tour of the America. He’s a label mate so we heard his music before meeting him, but since we were together for a good month travelling around, we got to know and love each other so really excited he’s able to come and play for us over here.

Why do you think people should pick up the album or come and see you live, and what can people expect from a gig?

I think there are all sorts of styles on the album and some really great song writing. Dan’s lyrics are definitely the most complex yet. I think the album will take you on a journey of a wide range of emotions too which is what you want music to do, or at least I do. Gigs are just the best place to enjoy the music but also the atmosphere that being in a room with other people who are all there for the same purpose. If you’re new to Skinny Lister then you can expect a lot of singing, dancing, merriment and a flagon full of booze.

Any last words for the fans?

We love you, we miss you & we can’t wait to see you at the front for some flagon action!