Love Distraction, Manoeuvres – Fibbers

LOVE DISTRACTION, then… top tribube to Philip Oakey’s synth-pop legends from Sheffield Human League who went on to sell 20 million records alongside Top 10 albums and singles.

And, of course, there’s that legend of recruiting Susan Ann Sulley (17) and Joanne Catherall (18), who were spotted on a dance floor and asked, without preamble, to join as dancers and incidental vocalists. Glamour added, and parents’ permission received, the rest is history.

And even The Undertones sarcastically name-checked them on My Perfect Cousin, “His mother bought him a synthesiser / Got the Human League in to advise her / Now he’s making lots of noise / Playing along with the art school boys”.

And look whose opening – MANOEUVRES // OMD TRIBUTE the UK’s premier tribute to Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – one of the most influential and original bands to emerge from the early days of synth pop in the lates 1970’s.

Ticket: £12.50
Doors: 7.30pm, Friday 7th December.
Age: 14+