Mzungu – Moontides

Moontides is a new EP release from Mzungu,  a York based artist who produces mostly ambient music. We got sent this randomly and found ourselves hooked instantly, which says something considering this reviewer isn’t massively into this style of music!

By Jane Howkins

In the past, we have often found ambient music to be somewhat boring, but this is the opposite of that. Whilst fans of the genre will still enjoy it, we found the lines were exceedingly blurred between that style and classical music, with the final track being exceedingly beautiful in its simplistic form. The EP is set up with four tracks, each corresponding to a different season. Mzungu has managed to give each track a specific feel, with each one sounding like the season it is named after. This is an amazing feat, and something that sounds easy on paper but is probably rather hard to do in practice, but he has achieved it perfectly here. The way the songs build over time is fascinating, and there is so much more going on here than first appears.

The tracks are fairly long and if you’re really not into this sort of thing then you still may not like it, which is fair enough – the ambient genre isn’t for everyone. But if you like that sort of thing then you should love this, and if you’re even remotely curious then please check it out. These tracks are stunningly beautiful, and anyone into classical music should find something to like here too, with luscious soundscapes and strings mixing together with electronic elements to make something astounding. Put simply – this is fantastic.

Check his bandcamp page out here: