Brooders – Interview

Rockers Brooders have had a really good year in 2018, with them being one of the bands that we are tipping to bring rock music back to the mainstream again. These guys are going to be big – find out why below!

By Jane Howkins

We hear it’s been quite a busy year for you so far; how has it been?

It’s been pretty hectic with touring, releases, recording, festivals and just life in general. We’ve all had hurdles with the year and keeping jobs around the music is a challenge, let alone paying rent and buying guitar strings like they’re made out of paper. But busy, yes, unfulfilling, no. We’ve had a blast and we’ve enjoyed every minute. Upon reflecting with Speare [bassist] the other day we struggled to find any points of the year that were negatives.

Do you have many plans to make 2019 even bigger? Anything exciting coming up?

We’re always planning for getting to greater heights with bigger things on broader horizons. Hopefully if the pieces all fall into place we’ll be looking at doing more single releases and [fingers crossed] a fresh set of tracks by the end of 2019.

You’re organizing and playing Rifffest in January; what can you tell us about the event, and are you excited for it?

Excited??? We’re ecstatic! The chance to bring together a number of our favourite people and favourite bands for a night of music in one of our favorite venues has always been a big dream of mine. As we’ve travelled the country and spread our musical seeds, it’s been these bands that have shared that journey with us and absolutely blown our minds. It’s a scary experience on a whole though. As a promoter, my experience has been through working open mic nights, booking function bands and doing live sound, so making the step to hosting a festival in which we treat all the bands exactly how they should be treated has been such a lot to process. There’s so many things going on behind the scenes to make sure the festival goes perfectly and that’s a lot of planning between myself and the rest of the band.

We hear that there are quite a few different bands performing at Rifffest. How did you pick them? Are they bands you were fans of or friends with already?

Bit of a mix really, but on the whole, they’re all friends of ours who have shared so many experiences out on the road with us. It’s been a pleasure to get them all together for one big day of music. They’re all incredible musicians and even better people so it was such an easy choice for all the bands we wanted to get involved. They’re people we admire, love and laugh with, and it’ll be such a positive experience on a whole to bring that all together.

Are festivals important to you? How do they compare to a normal gig and which do you prefer?

Festivals and gigs are two completely different experiences. I have often found that in the past I’m disappointed with the live sound for festivals and that has ruined bands for me. It’s often not the band’s fault or the festival’s doing, but the environment. I can imagine getting amazing quality live sound in a field filled with thousands of people is a challenge and a half. However, bringing the festival experience to a venue seemed like such a brilliant solution to this. With Rifffest it’s the chance to see so many upcoming bands in a festival kind of experience but in a space that provides sound quality that rattles your bones, with visuals that will scatter your marbles, and a venue that on the whole will leave you with an impression that you won’t soon forget.

What are your favourite festivals to go to, either as punters or playing them? And do you have any good festival stories?

Favourite festivals is something that changes as the years go on I guess. If you’d have asked me five years ago I’d have said hands down Leeds Festival. But I’ve been attending festivals such as Live at Leeds, Dot to Dot and all manner of all dayers for years and they’ve been eye opening for me. I’d say to this day that I’ve had the most amazing time at Live at Leeds every year, so that would top the lot as far as I go. But I’m sure that there’s still plenty more out there yet to knock my socks off. In terms of good festival stories… I once got into a verbal ‘standoff’ with Ollie Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon. That counts for something, right? Aside from that, we were kicked out of a festival [not to be named] that we were playing at when we were caught climbing a particularly appealing looking stack of hay bales. We escaped security’s clutches, though, and were soon dancing away to Pete Doherty’s intoxicant-fueled ramblings by the end of the day.

Would you want to run another festival like Rifffest again, and do you plan on making it a regular thing? And will you be performing at any other festivals next year?

ABSOLUTELY. We’d love to do something like this on a regular basis! If it’s a roaring success, it would be great to get Rifffest to become a once or twice-yearly event and a celebration of all that we love and see on the rise. Music is always changing and growing so, why shouldn’t we? As it stands though, festival season is a loooooong time away. As someone probably once said, festivals are like waiting for the number 3 bus. They take forever to come through, but as soon as one does, the rest follow just behind it. Festivals aren’t even nearly as irritating as buses though.

Have you started writing and recording new music yet, or is it too soon? If so, what can you tell us about it?

We never stop writing. We never stop recording. Getting it into the studio is always a challenge though. We’re perfectionists, which makes every process that little bit longer. But it yields the best results so it’s always worth the extra effort and hard work. But we love writing and we constantly have music hidden away ready to be unleashed at any given moment.

Why do you think people should come and see you perform at Rifffest, and what can people expect if they’ve never seen you live before?

People shouldn’t just come and see us at Rifffest. We have five other AMAZING bands on the bill that will blow your mind. Each as good as the last; it’ll be a battle of brilliance throughout the festival. But for those who haven’t seen us before, expect twisted twirling visually astounding psych grunge madness. Big riffs, intense ear shattering instrumentals and the ramblings of the melancholic.

Any last words for your fans?

Always wear sun cream in direct sunlight. That is all.