AFI – The Missing Man

AFI are a band that have had a bit of a troubled time over the last couple of decades. They started off as a hardcore punk act, before moving further into the goth and pop-punk territories, much to the misery of some of their original fans. We’ve generally liked the different directions they’ve gone in, although there have been moments that haven’t always hit the mark as they should have done.

The Missing Man is a bit of a return to form for us, although if you’re wanting to hear the sound the band had in their early days then you should look away now – they’re probably never going back there again, and who can blame them when they can still make good music in a more mature way? This is a short EP consisting of five tracks, with the EP actually being announced rather randomly a short while ago. It displays the many different elements of AFI’s sound rather eloquently, with opener Trash Bat having quite a fast punk beat to it, whereas the next song Break Angels has a more anthemic pop-rock feel to it. As much as they’ve been maligned in recent years, AFI are a band that have managed to successfully play with a number of different genres and evolve their sound over time, and this is displayed very well on this EP.

We actually found ourselves preferring The Missing Man to the band’s last album, and we really recommend fans of the band give this a try, even if you’ve found yourself straying away from their music in recent years. They’re a good band, and whilst they have made a few mistakes in recent years, this latest EP acts as a nice stopgap between albums. They’re maturing in a great way, and we can’t wait to hear what their next full length offering will sound like.