The Quireboys Unplugged, Boss Caine – Fibbers

THE QUIREBOYS are celebrating ten years of Homewreckers & Heartbreakers, playing material from that iconic comeback album long overdue a deserved re-appraisal. PLUS the greatest hits, of course…

Love This Dirty Town and the epic Mona Lisa Smiled are timeless classics and the latter still has a special place in the heart of frontman Spike. “The idea came to me when I was working on another project in Spain,” he explained. “It’s a bittersweet story inspired by the life and death of Salvador Dali and his wife Gaya and is always popular with our fans”.

Spike, Guy Green, Keith Weir and Paul Guerin bring you the stories, the classics, the new, and of course LOTS of the usual Quireboys banter to make this a must-see gig!

Definitely a bit of what you fancy…

Ticket: £13.00
Doors: 7.30pm, Thursday 20th December
Age: 14