Leeds group Fudge to launch new single in Leeds next year

Following their debut release earlier this year, Fudge’s second single, NOT A THREAT JUST A WARNING, will be released on 22 February 2019 and launched with a headline show at LEEDS LENDING ROOM on the same day.

We could write passionately about its strength and its power but it’s their song, they wrote it, they recorded it, and they perform it live to blistering effect to a tribal and loyal following that teeter on the verge of hammering seven bells out of each other but always with a loving smile on their face and a caring arm around the shoulder.

FUDGE. believe they are the catalyst between you and a good time. They ask you to be ready to wrap your ears around contagious verses and a riot of stomping riffs that will have you moshing in your kitchen. Running things from Leeds, they aim to quickly push their name and what they have to say around the country with their explosive live performance.

Anyone who has witnessed them live will nod knowingly to that. It’s a staggering spectacle, verging on the precipice of danger and threat, as band members launch into the mosh pit whilst still playing their instruments. But always watching each other’s back, always watching the audience’s back. Their songs, and in particular NOT A THREAT JUST A WARNING, may often have an air of violence and menace but a blanket of compassion and unity hovers over FUDGE. and they ensure that none of the good people of Leeds will be harmed in the making of this band.