Orchards – Interview

Orchards have had  a pretty big year, having signed to a new record label and released a new EP. They have some tour dates coming up next year, so in anticipation of them we decided to have a chat with Lucy from the band.

By Jane Howkins

How has 2018 been for you? Any highlights you can tell us about?

To be honest, this whole year has been a highlight. We signed to Big Scary Monsters, started working with our agent at ITB, plus we released our EP Losers/Lovers and the response we got was crazy. I think our EP launch was for sure the major highlight of this year! Having a sold out room of sweating happy people screaming our songs back to us. Amazing. We went on tour with US band Tiny Moving Parts too!

How do you see 2019 being? Is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to – either in the band or in your personal lives?

There’s a few things we can’t mention as of yet but lets just say next year is going to be incredible!

You recently announced a headline tour for next Spring. Are you excited for that? Nervous?

Super nervous. But, that excited nervous you know? Like butterflies in your stomach nervous. It’s a big thing for us to embark on. It’s a bit scary because this is our debut headline tour so theres some pressure for us to really bring it for the audiences. We just love getting our there and meeting as many lovely people as we can!

Is there anywhere you’re particularly looking forward to visiting? If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would it be?

We chose cities that we love playing in but we always have such an amazing time in Cardiff and London. So, I’d say those ones stick out particularly. Personally I would love to play in Denmark and Sweden. But for sure, America is a HUGE one on our list.

You’re from Brighton. What is the music scene like there at the moment, and are there any local acts you can recommend to us?

The music scene in Brighton is just like Brighton is as a city. It’s eclectic and vibrant. We really love Twilight Driving and Thyla, uni buddies of ours. They are making marvellous music!

You have an EP out at the moment called LOSERS/LOVERS. How was the reception to that when it came out? What can you tell us about the EP?

Outrageous. Amazing. Crazy. Surreal. All of the adjectives. We were so blown away and humbled by everyone’s kind reactions. We worked real hard on the EP and it really encapsulates the Orchards sound. The fact that it’s almost sold out is pretty mind blowing too! Through its release it’s given us the opportunity to have so many new experiences & we’re so grateful for that!

Do you have any plans to release a full length album at any point in the near future? Or even another EP?

We are constantly writing and trying to grow as a band. There is always new music being written.

You recently release a new single called Age of You. What can you tell us about that? Do you have any more single releases planned?

This is maybe our favourite song to play live. It’s about making a promise to someone but feeling like you never fulfilled it. Knowing that you have every opportunity to become the best ‘you’ that you promised to be, but just feeling like something/someone is missing. Out of all the tracks on the EP this was the hardest, emotionally, to write, but is now my favourite song. It’s like a little dose of therapy every time we perform it.

Why do you think people should come and see you on this tour, and what can people expect from a show?

Because we put on a good show. We like to call our shows parties because we want them to be inclusive happy places where everyone can be themselves and just HAVE FUN! Basically if you want to have a good time and let loose then we suggest you come to a show next year!

Any last words for the fans?

Take care of each other & be nice to animals and… Merry Festiveness.