Red Rum Club – Interview

Red Rum Club have had a cracking year this year, with a couple of tours completed as well as the recording of their debut album. Find out more about the album and what to expect from them next year below!

By Jane Howkins

How has 2018 been for you? Any highlights you can tell us about?

It’s been boss, we’ve done 2 UK tours with a lot of sold out shows, played some great festivals and then went to play our first international shows in South Korea. We recorded and announced our debut album as well so it’s been a busy year. The highlight would probably be the sold out O2 Academy gig in Liverpool we’ve done – with 1200 people it was pretty special.

How do you see 2019 being? Is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to – either in the band or in your personal lives?

It’s going to be another busy year hopefully with gigs and festivals and our album coming out on January 11th. We’re particularly excited for Mike to finish his training course to be a magician, it should make the bus journeys a lot more interesting.

You recently announced some tour dates for March. Are you excited for them?

Yeah absolutely, it’s going to be good to be playing to people once they’ve heard the album.

Is there anywhere you’re particularly looking forward to visiting? If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Nowhere in particular more than any others, each place has its own thing to be looking forward to. We would love to do America, we would go down well over there.

You have a new album out soon called Matador. What can you tell us about that?

It’s boss and the disc is scratch and sniff and smells like chorizo. Which is a great selling point.

You recently released a new single called Angeline. What can you tell us about that? Do you have any more single releases planned?

It’s a crowd favourite when we play it live, it’s definitely a song that you can just go for it with so maybe that’s why. It probably sums us up sonically pretty well too. The label have told us that we can’t tell you about any other singles though, but because it’s you, we may/may not have one/more than one single/singles still to come. At least with that answer you can build your own response.

The band was recently signed to Modern Sky Records. Have they been good to you? How has life been on the label?

Yeah they’ve been great, it seems like a great fit for both us and them. All the people there are sound and they showed us round Korea and took us out while we were over there. They’re really supportive and leave us to the creative process ourselves which is the most important probably.

You’re originally from Liverpool, a city famed for producing a lot of musical talent. Do you find that daunting, or is it more encouraging? Are there any up and coming bands from the area that you can recommend we check out?

Liverpool will always have that reputation for being a musical city, there’s no escaping that but you can’t let it daunt you. If your going to be in this industry you’ve got to let it push you to make you better and I think in Liverpool there’s a lot of respect between every artist in it, while using it to make sure your at the top of your game. There’s loads coming out of Liverpool at the moment – Tracky, Life At The Arcade and a band called Sponge. All class.

Why do you think people should come and see you on this tour, and what can people expect from a show?

Sombreros, fake moustaches, loads of ale and we play some boss songs. Let that make people’s minds up.

Any last words for the fans?

There are no last words because we aren’t going anywhere? Or do you know something we don’t?