The Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society 50th Anniversary

This actually came out a while ago, but we only recently got a copy, so forgive our late review! The Village Green Preservation Society is one of the most well known records released by 60s rockers The Kinks, with this being the 50th anniversary release of the album, and these tracks sound just as good today as we imagine they did all those years ago!

By Jane Howkins

Funnily enough, the album originally failed to chart upon release, and wasn’t as well received as a lot of their previous work, so it’s interesting that it is now seen as such a classic. This album showed the band were more than capable of producing tracks with more than three chords, showing them moving away from the simple rock and roll of their past, and into a more psychedelic, jangle pop area. You can really hear the band maturing in their songwriting skills here, and it still sounds timeless. This is an album that still makes sense in the present day, and it makes for a fantastic listen still.

The real question with any reissue is whether it’s worth listening to if the listener already owns the original album. The album has now been updated in stereo sound, which updates everything a little, and there is also a bonus disc included that contains a set of later recordings by the band. If you’re a casual fan and already have the record then this may not be worth getting, but newbies and die hard fans should definitely get this, as it is the definitive version of the album. Perhaps not as essential as it once was, but still a fine listen.