Bloodhound – Interview

Rifffest is coming up in Leeds fairly soon, so to celebrate we decided to interview all the bands playing! Our next chat was with Bloodhound, which you can see below!

By Jane Howkins

How was your 2018? Any particular highlights you can tell us about?

2018 was pretty crazy for us. We went on tour for the first time, we put out a load of new music, did our first proper music video and did a lot of recording. The highlight of the year was probably Ultra Festival because we had such a great crowd and it was simply a great gig. We also played a crazy big stage at Humber Street Sesh, which was mental as well.

Is there anything in particular that you’re looking forward to in the coming year, either in your private life or as a musician?

I know it’s going to sound clichéd but Rifffest is a gig we’ve been looking forward to for ages. We can’t wait to put out some more new material as well. The single we released in October was the first step towards our new direction and we’re so excited to give people more of that.

You’re playing at Rifffest soon; are you excited for that?

Yes! We are incredibly excited! False Advertising are really good mates of ours so we can’t wait to see them again, and Brooders are our besties as well so we are excited to catch up with them too. All in all, it’s just a mental line up and we’re so honoured to be part of it.

How will Rifffest be different to a normal show, and what can people expect from one of your shows in general? Were you already friends with or fans of the other bands on the line-up?

We’re very good mates with False Advertising and Brooders, and we know Faux Pas as well. The others we are yet to meet but we’re told they are lovely so we’re very excited to get to know them. Musically, we love all the bands that are playing as well, which I think helps so much because we’re going to enjoy the day even more. As for what people can expect, it will be a lot of noise, riffs and jumping about. We’re a very active band. When I’m [Max] not singing, I can’t stand still and I tend to go for a wander. Rifffest will be our first show of 2019 so people can expect a lot of energy, and we’re always experimenting with new set structures and song ideas, so every show is something new to us and to the audience.

Do you have any other tour dates coming up, or any other festival shows? And which are your favourite festivals to go to, either as punters or as performers?

We’ve got a lot of dates penciled in for next year but not many that have been announced yet. We’ve got a date at Hull O’Riley’s on Sunday 3 February and a Hull headline show for the end of February, which hopefully we’ll be announcing soon. We are looking to get onto a lot more festivals in 2019 which will be a new adventure for us. Every year we absolutely love going to Humber Street Sesh; it’s just full of likeminded people who want to see brilliant, raw, upcoming music from their local scene. It’s got a real community sense to it and it grows every year into something more amazing.

Have you released any new music recently? Do you have any plans to release an EP or album this year?

We put out our new single FRSTRTD in October and we’ve been pushing that ever since really. We’ve put other bits and pieces out as well, like a b-side and an acoustic track, to keep the content regular which is always good. We’re unsure of concrete plans for new material yet. The idea is to put out a new single in February and hopefully join the Record Store Day community in April. As for an EP or album in 2019, we don’t actually know yet. We’ve got a whole bunch of material recorded but we’re not sure what to do with it yet, so we’ll see how 2019 pans out before we decide.

And do you have any singles planned for release in 2019? If so, what can you tell us about them?

We will definitely be putting out new singles in 2019 for sure. The ones we are planning to put out are much more developed than some of our past material, both musically and lyrically. Some are a bit darker, and some are briefer than before. We’re trying to be more concise with our songs. There’s a few big, anthemic-sounding songs in there too, which is a nice change. It’s a mixed bag of sounds but it will all be grungey, there’s no doubt about that.

What sort of things influence you most as musicians; and which bands and artists have you been listening to recently that you can recommend our readers to check out?

We’re influenced by all sorts. Lyrically and musically, we pull from so many different artists. Personally, I’m taking a lot of influence from Ben Howard at the moment. I love the way his songs develop and how lyrically mysterious he is. Other than that, there’s a great band called DITZ who I’m loving at the moment. Easy Life are fantastic as well; really fresh sounds. There are so many great bands out there; FINNO are a fantastic new band from Scunthorpe; so much talent there.

What is the writing and recording process like for you? How do you start out on a track? And how have things changed in this regard since you started out?

I think it’s always been the same process for us. It would be interesting to try something new to see how it changed our songs. Usually, I write the framework of the song – the lyrics and the chords – then bring it to Bex and Will, who add their own parts and we construct it into a song. We then take it out to a few gigs, play it, and see what people think. Sit on it for a few months, make a few changes, then go in to record it. Drums, bass, guitars, vocals and then it’s pretty much ready to go. It sounds easy but there are a lot of disagreements that I haven’t mentioned which means this process usually takes months. It’s always interesting to see how Bex and Will change how I envision the song in the first place. The finished product always ends up completely different to the original demo; it’s interesting to see the development.

Any last words for your fans?

Just thank you, really. 2018 has been crazy and people are always so supportive of everything we do, whether that be buying gig tickets, streaming our songs or buying our CDs. It’s just so nice to have a group of people who love what we do as much as we do. Keep an eye out next year because we have so much stuff in the works to show everyone.