The final Behind the White Door is coming to The Fulford Arms soon!

This is it. The final Behind The White Door. The end of an era.

In the words of promoter Dan Gott:

“With me now working for The Fulford Arms, I am able to book garage gigs as house shows, where I can actually offer the bands money, instead of a donations box split! There simply isn’t a call for Behind The White Door anymore, and if I’m being quite honest, now that I promote gigs as a job, running these events has become more of a chore than a passion. The time has come to put Behind The White Door to bed. And tuck it the fuck in.”


Dan continues, “Behind The White Door is having it’s bits cut off and other ones stuck on. It will return on the 6th of April 2019 as a ticketed all-day event. It’s basically going to become an excuse for me to get all of my favourite bands on a big gig together, a couple of times a year. But Behind The White Door as we know it (2 local bands, 2 out of town bands, donations box, shit humour) will no longer be a thing. Well, the shit humour will probably remain.So come and see it off with me. I’ve dragged up 4 old favourites to put it out of it’s misery…”

Now with new drummer boy, this York-based Motorhead ripoff sensation band is ready to take the world by storm! They’ve got a big fat record deal with Cleopatra Records and wear big boy pants. Smell is onto something really good with this. It’s by far the best band he’s ever been in. We really believe in it, which is why they have been asked to headline the last ever show.

One of the very first bands the pub ever booked! These dirty boys have been hanging around in Leeds for years. Sometimes around the toilets. Waiting for what they can get. Since then, Dan and the band become very good friends with this band and have been on many adventures together.

Another old smelly jizz-filled sock! These guys also played at BTWD #5! Back then they were called Sick Men Of Europe. Because they used to cut the power to old people’s heating at winter and tried to milk pigs. A real powerhouse of a band, they have been going strong for many many years. Also, Sam Carter looks the spit of Johnny Firth and they both live in Huddersfield. Mental.

Everybody’s favourite American/British crossover, since Davey Boy Smith went to wrestle for WWF. Big muscles. Touch them. He’s dead now. Don’t touch them now. Fat Spatula have been through the wringer and a few changes of the years, but their wobbly trash sound has remained the same. Nick has been a huge supporter of what they do at BTWD, so it’s only fair that they let his huge personality open the last ever show!


It gives us ultimate pleasure to announce that CRANNERS is returning to be grumpy and play music on his decks, in between the bands! You best not make any noise whilst setting up! He’ll shout!

8pm first band, Wednesday 9th January.