The Fulford Arms are in the middle of a celebration!

Since taking over the Fulford Arms in January 2014, Chris Sherrington and Chris Tuke have transformed the pub into one of the top local music and arts venues and this weekend they are celebrating their 5 years in charge with 8 nights highlighting some of the best bands and artists that have graced the venue during their tenure. The last year has been their busiest yet as they have hosted over 245 gigs with 900 different performers, at the venue.

After redesigning the entire venue and bulidng a designated performance area in 2014 they have continued improving facilities have recently added to this with the sound system from The Duchess, lighting and AV equipment to rival any other large music venue and developing the outdoor space to feature an urban beach.

At the heart of The Fulford Arms is a desire to help support the local music scene as well as to bring national talent to York and provide a community centre to help inspire and drive local arts and culture. Being an independent venue has its’ struggles but the venue owners have had the freedom to make changes to the venue to help improve both production quality and support a variety of performances. Recently the transformation of their unused kitchen into a snug and games room has meant that people can get away from the noise and excitement of the main gig room and enjoy a quiet pint and a game of bar billiards, a traditional pub game that The Fulford Arms along with a number of local drinking places has helped to champion over the last few years.

“We feel that the space we have here offers itself to being more than just a place for people to enjoy a drink and we are looking forward to helping support any local community groups that are looking for a space as well as continuing to work with excellent local promoters such as Joe Coates, Dan & Naomi Gott, Chris Jones, Simon Pattison and Aaron Brown to bring the best musical talents from across the globe to York.

Whether it’s live Music, community events, cinema, traditional pub games or just a quality pint or gin and tonic, The Fulford Arms is proud to be entering its 5th year and continues to expand and develop as a key part of York’s cultural offering. The birthday celebrations started on Saturday 5th January and continue over 8 nights featuring local talent such as The Howl & The Hum and Avalanche Party as well as bands like Angelic Upstarts and Red London.