Valleyheart – Everyone I’ve Ever Loved

Valleyheart are a four piece from Massachusetts and Everyone I’ve Ever Loved is their debut album. It opens up with Heaven & Hell, which bursts into life filled with eighties guitar rifts and the soft voice of Kevin Klein, taking us back to a time where soft rock ruled. But this is not who they are, and the music develops throughout the album as they show us who they are, instead of their influences.

By Martin Frank

Friends in the Foyer is in no rush to show us how the band can create pathos and magic with what is becoming a unique sound, they’ve created a style that sounds like so much their own. Crave is much more powerful, a song borne of reminiscence and is a much darker tune than the rest – it’s a grower and the lyrics are both catchy and relevant. Then with Agnosia we’re back with a moody, melancholy track – again the words are clear and also profound, meaning that you’ll find yourselves singing along in no time. Drowned In Living Waters is incredibly haunting, and if you get to see them live with your girl, then you’ll want to hold her and gently sway to this track – it’s magical and in no rush to end. There are all sorts of treats here including Paradisum, a totally spooky track that has got to find its way into some horror B movie this year, and it only helps to display further that these guys have so much more to give.

This gentle album eases you into their music where most other bands would grab you and force you to listen to their slamming and thrashy sound. Valleyheart invite you to listen and let you be drawn in due to their clever, easy listening style of music. You find your foot tapping, your head nodding and as you listen on repeat the lyrics come around in perfect timing so that you always want to join in. It really is a great album.

Everyone I’ve Ever Loved is a grower and whilst you will find yourself recognising echoes of bands that have been before, you will also be left with the feeling that it’s absolutely all Valleyheart. This is a great debut album full of fantastic tracks, and as the album grows in confidence it presents track after brilliant track. They’ve shown us what they can do, now where they go from here has got to be braver and stronger.