Blue Tree Gallery announces new exhibition

The New Beginnings Art Exhibition comes to the Blue Tree Gallery in York soon.

Opening on Saturday 19th January till 16th March 2019 and featuring original paintings by Jane Burnley, Angela Keeble and Ruth Taylor.

With the start of the New Year 2019 we open the season with the aptly titled New Beginnings, bringing together 3 accomplished painters exploring the landscape through their own interpretation with vigour and command.

Jane Burnley –

Born in Manchester, 1958, Jane graduated in Graphic Design at Manchester Polytechnic (Manchester Metropolitan University) in 1980 and thereafter worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in Essex and London. After moving back north she turned to painting in 1998, exhibiting for the first time at the Leeds Art Fair that year. Her work changed considerably when she became involved in yoga and started to work more intuitively, producing abstract work, mainly landscapes in acrylics. Painting with acrylics, Jane’s main inspiration is colour and her surrounding countryside, producing mainly abstract landscapes and currently, a few paintings connected with loss.

Her work changed a lot when she became very involved with yoga and started producing some spiritual work; from this ‘heads appeared’ and the theme of meditation. Much of her work tries to convey a feeling of stillness and calm. She works intuitively; a final piece may be many layers thick as the painting changes and develops, often taking several weeks to complete. She combines acrylics and oil pastels, using a graffito technique, scratching through layers of paint revealing hidden oil pastel colours beneath, and creating textures. This is now an important part of the process for her, not only for the visual effect created, but for the actual physical action of it; it is quite therapeutic! She usually works on a small scale, though occasionally produces larger pieces.

Angela Keeble –

In 1998 Angela returned to her Yorkshire roots to pursue her life-long interest in painting, having previously practised as a solicitor in Hampshire. Her abstract works evolve from a range of sources; direct observations, lasting memories and in particular the act of painting itself. In addition to being influenced by her local environment, having lived in London, Gibraltar and on the Devon and Hampshire coasts, her work is frequently informed by her long association with the maritime and docklands landscape. Angela enjoys the process of creating compositions from ideas, which provide a starting point but not a pre-conceived vision of the end result. Working predominantly in oil, she lets the paint lead the way. This approach often involves frequent reworking to resolve conflicts and achieve a simplified unity and balance between the colours and shapes and marks on the canvas.

Whatever memories and concepts may have been the underlying source of her abstract paintings, Angela believes that the finished image is its own entity, which may be open to varied interpretations depending on its interaction with the individual viewer. She works from her studio situated in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Ruth Taylor –

Ruth Taylor’s training as a textile designer is evident in her work. She is inspired as much by a love of colour, pattern and texture as by the English countryside. Working in oils she applies paint directly to the surface, moving it around with brushes, combs and her hands looking to capture a particular light or the effect of the weather and seasons on the land. The colours are sometimes fantastic, the marks exaggerated but underneath there is always the structure of the landscape, the marshes, the empty beaches and the South Downs of her Sussex childhood.