False Advertising – Interview

We recently had the opportunity to chat to all the bands playing at the upcoming Rifffest Festival in Leeds. Next up were False Advertising – see how we got on with singer and guitar Jen below!

By Jane Howkins

How was your 2018? Any particular highlights you can tell us about?

Considering we only released one single in the UK during the entire year, we’re amazed with how well it actually went! Highlights include spending time across the year working on new material in a real, actual studio. Putting on our own festival, being invited to play ridiculous festivals like Robert Smith’s Meltdown, Kendal Calling, Zandari Festival in South Korea and Waves Festival in Vienna. Equally we got to play in loads of awesome, small, sweaty venues too. We released an album in Japan; Josh and I also met Jamie Lenman at the end of the year which is probably the most star struck I’ve ever been in my life (and I’ve met Michael Cera).

Is there anything in particular that you’re looking forward to in the coming year, either in your private life or as a musician?

We’re knee deep in planning our next batch of releases at the moment, so we’re very much looking forward to getting what we’ve created out into the world and everything that will accompany such a thing. Trying to stay afloat in our private lives may be difficult if we end up going hell bent on world domination.

You’re playing at Rifffest soon; are you excited for that?

YES. It shares a similar ethos to the all-dayer that we put on in Manchester last year which we called Falsetival, so we feel right at home on the line-up. Brooders, like us, are keen to bring loads of complimentary bands together into one place. That sort of camaraderie I think is quite exciting and what is missing from a lot of shows these days, so hopefully people will get behind it!

How will Rifffest be different to a normal show, and what can people expect from one of your shows in general? Were you already friends with or fans of the other bands on the line-up?

In terms of our own performance, we might debut some of the more ambitious new stuff that we’ve been working on, alongside airing some of our older stuff – which will make it different to anything we’ve ever done before. We’ve known a few of the peeps on the line up for a while, like Hands Off Gretel, Adore//Repel and Bloodhound, who are all fine folk. I’m especially excited also to see Faux Pas who I was recently introduced to through us both being on the line up. I’m really digging them.

Do you have any other tour dates coming up, or any other festival shows? And which are your favourite festivals to go to, either as punters or as performers?

We’re about to head off on a bit of a tour of the North West, playing Liverpool, Manchester and Barnsley. We have a few festivals booked too, the first of which that has been announced is 2000 Trees, which we’re incredibly excited to get to go to and play. Personally, I love most festivals in all shapes and forms, SXSW and Glastonbury are probably tied at first place because they’re both so different but equally ridiculous. I grew up going to Reading Festival and Truck Festival so would love to go back to one of those one day too.

Have you released any new music recently? Do you have any plans to release an EP or album this year?

We’re working on it! We’re very much in the midst of planning the shape that our next release will take as we speak; it’s been a long process but it shouldn’t be too long before we know what we’re doing – I hope!

And do you have any singles planned for release in 2019? If so, what can you tell us about them?

We know we’ll be releasing some singles, and I can tell you a few of the songs we’ll play at Rifffest will be some of them – if not all of them. You should come and hear and judge this for yourselves!

What sort of things influence you most as musicians; and which bands and artists have you been listening to recently that you can recommend our readers to check out?

Personally, at the moment I’m really digging Gouge Away, Two Inch Astronaut, Calva Louise, Doe, SPQR, Hey Colossus, and a band I found in the depths of Soundcloud called Christian Fitness.
I suppose we take a lot of influences from everywhere, in the new material I’ve caught myself referencing everything from Run the Jewels to Deerhunter to the There Will Be Blood soundtrack. It still manages to sound a bit like a 90’s guitar band, but we’re keen to try enrich the music with unexpected things and put the energy and sense of catharsis in our recordings, like you’d experience when seeing us live.

What is the writing and recording process like for you? How do you start out on a track? And how have things changed in this regard since you started out?

It varies from time to time, but we tend to work on strands of ideas away from each other and then share song structures in a sort of demo format to which we all then iterate on them together. The way I tend to work is that I try to get my ideas down in an as unconscious a way as possible, to try and maintain my fresh ears throughout the writing process. This involves using my phone to demo melodic ideas and chord structures as I think of them, as well as collecting bits of potential lyrics as I go about my day, then trying as hard as I can to forget about these things. Sometime much later I’ll get into the right headspace to go through and listen back to all the ideas I’ve collected and pick which I’m most inspired to try and push further. It’s a delicate thing though, I’ve forced ideas before in the wrong way and songs have ended up being rubbish.

Any last words for your fans?

Thank you for your support, it’s incredible to think that what we’re doing resonates with people – perhaps some that we don’t even know! It’s truly something that baffles me every time I think about it.