Wild Front, Flooded, Cowgirl, Neon Salmon – The Fulford Arms

Northern Radar Presents:


Organically formed, South Coast Band, Wild Front aim to pair the unrestrained emotions of music with the capricious nature of life. It came as no surprise when the band formed, as the four boys had been musically working together for years. Although 80’s rock and alternative indie is a love that they all share, their primary musical influences are very different. Jack offers his love of folk and Josh studied classical music at university, whereas Mike and Joe’s musical repertoire ranges from West Coast hip hop to indie folk. It’s this exotic mix that creates their unique and distinctive sound. Wild Front have had a busy summer performing at Common People, Y Not Festival, Truck Festival & Together The People, amongst others. The band write, record, engineer & mix all of the tracks at their home studio.


Flooded are an indie pop/rock band that have quickly begun to raise a following across the UK. Formed in 2016 in a front room on the outskirts of York, Flooded quickly began to develop their gritty, off-the-cuff sounding style of guitar-based pop. The band quickly became a well-oiled machine, churning out song after song until their first setlist was written. Over the past year, Flooded’s following has exploded due to their relentless gigging within York’s club circuit, going from sold out show to sold out show.


Cowgirl play good time rock’n’roll; a primal, shit-kickin’ version of the genre that ever-so-helpfully assists even the most rookie of listeners to join all those dots that connect garage punk with Danny Whitten-period Crazy Horse. It is tough, powerful, thrilling music that goes on to blur the boundaries lying between primal simplicity and nascent psychedelia.” – Simon Godley


NEON SALMON is a York band hellbent on mashing up genres and sounds. Their music knows no boundaries, as it whizzes through jazz, psych, rock, indie, shoegaze blues and post punk with a simple ease. There’s a whole lotta filling in this musical sandwich. Enough to melt your ears and do serious damage to your sanity.

As it’s INDEPENDENT VENUE WEEK we are very happy to announce that Steve Lamacq will be featuring this show as part of his great tour of UK venues.

Catch this at The Fulford Arms on Tuesday 29th January.