Mark Wynn comes to York on Saturday

Mark Wynn – The Crescent
Saturday 2nd February, 7.30pm
Tickets are £5 in advance (more on the door) and are available from Earworm Records, the venue in person or online via See Tickets.

Mark Wynn is undoubtably a one-off. Whether he be ragging his guitar, delivering a dead-pan rant, dancing along to classic rock on his mobile cassette player, dancing around to himself playing on his mobile cassette recorder, draping himself over a wheelie bin, dancing around a mop bucket or humping a monitor speaker – a Mark Wynn show is generally an unforgettable experience. It’s not for every day though.

Regardless of the chosen delivery, Wynn’s social commentary monologues and self-deprecating life-stories are perceptive and memorable. Satirical in part, his songs are witty in a dry, nonchalant, Yorkshire kind of way. A heart-warming, lo-fi poet pushing the boundaries of taking the piss.