Ist Ist – Everything Is Different Now

Making it in the music industry as an unsigned act is one of the biggest challenges out there, but for Manchester band Ist Ist it means there has to be no compromise on their unique, new-wave debut EP Everything Is Different Now. And for that we are so thankful.

By Katie Manning 

The quartet invite undeniable comparisons with their stylistic forefather Joy Division, mostly in part to the deep, melodic similarities of vocalist Adam Houghton with that of Ian Curtis. Yet they are no copy-cats. Synth driven rock and sounds of a nostalgic past have been making a comeback lately, but Ist Ist stand apart and iconic with their atmospheric and exciting sound.

Their latest single Jenifer’s Lips is lyrically intense with kisses of sin and venom, but is still so accessible and radio-friendly. It is an exemplary archetype for music that can sell, without losing any artistic credit.

Meanwhile the soft beats and delicate arrangement of I Want To Disappear makes for a haunting and lush break. It has all the beauty and relaxed charm of a Daughter or Elbow style song but with a contemporary edge.

If there’s one thing that Ist Ist seem to have mastered it’s experimentation. I don’t know how many EPs could pull of a 1 minute 19 second intro track like Entry. Especially when it consists of mainly tense, ambient noise but have it remain so interesting to listen to, and so necessary for the EP. Before jumping straight into the bold, textured banger Exist. 

Everything Is Different Now has given an insight into the intriguing, spacey minds of Ist Ist, and it will be fascinating to see what they come up with on a full album.

Everything Is Different Now is available now.