SPINN announce debut album and Yorkshire dates

SPINN spent 2018 selling out their debut UK headline tour, making the first visit to Japan, and clocking up over 3 million Spotify plays. If that is the beachhead on the banks of the Mersey, then 2019 is the breakout. On 3rd May SPINN release their debut album SPINN on Modern Sky UK.

On the closing track of their debut album, SPINN frontman Jonny Quin cuts through the band’s blissfully unifying guitar pop with a grain of arresting truth, “You make me want to scream, you know that? Make me want to kick and scratch your door.”

Restless or fleet of foot? Misty-eyed or rattling the gates? Connected or cleaved apart? SPINN are a band at once able to give voice to the frustrations of a generation while providing an exhilarating escape into revelry.

They perform at The Parish in Huddersfield on May 23rd and Cafe Totem in Sheffield on May 30th.