Amanda Roseveare Exhibition is currently being held at Pocklington Arts Centre

African born print maker and artist Amanda Roseveare’s work celebrates some of the greats from the jazz and blues movements, and once featured in the backdrop at the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Rock Concert at Wembley Stadium.

Now her latest collection of work is on display in the first floor exhibition space at Pocklington Arts Centre (PAC) until Friday 31 May.

Amanda was born in Lagos, Nigeria where she grew up with parents who were big jazz fans, so it is no surprise that her work has been heavily inspired by this genre.

Amanda, who now lives in Nunburnholme, near Pocklington said: “My father was an accomplished jazz pianist and in his spare time he always sought out other musicians to ‘jam’ with. I remember many late night Jazz ‘sessions’ as a kid.”

Amanda lived in West Africa until the early 1970s, when she returned to England as a teenager, before later returning to the continent where lived in a number of different African countries.