English Touring Opera comes to the Theatre Royal soon

English Touring Opera / Opera That Moves
Verdi: Macbeth, 29 March
Mozart: Idomeneo, 30 March
at York Theatre Royal

English Touring Opera brings Verdi: Macbeth and Mozart: Idomeneo to York Theatre Royal on 29 and 30 March as part of its season of Kings and Queens in the battle for love, loyalty and power. Fielding its largest chorus and orchestra to date, ETO presents an ambitious season of full-scale opera about giant personalities clashing over love and power in times of war.

Verdi: Macbeth (Fri 29 March, 7.30pm)

Sung in English
The witches have a prophecy: Macbeth will be king. But royalty comes at a price. The cost of power is betrayal, murder and revenge.
Follow Verdi’s Macbeth in a blood-soaked journey to the throne and watch a guilt-ridden Lady Macbeth descend into the depths of despair in English Touring Opera’s new production. Starring Grant Doyle (Macbeth) in Verdi’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s iconic play.

Mozart: Idomeneo (Sat 30 March, 7.30pm)

Sung in Italian with English surtitles
Returning from the Trojan War and caught in the midst of a storm, King Idomeneo promises the raging seas that he will sacrifice the first person he meets in return for his safe passage. Cruelly, the first person he encounters is his only son, Idamante.
The rivalry between the princesses Ilia and Elettra (Paula Sides) for the heart of Idamante, coupled with a king’s ill-fated promise provides a rich, emotional drama and unforgettable music.

Mozart’s Idomeneo remains one the greatest of his ‘opera seria’ (serious operas). This is an opera that explores royalty, high ideals and deep emotions.