Discovery: Patawawa

Patawawa have one foot in the seventies and one foot in the present as indie-pop, disco and funk come together on their new track All The Time.

By Mark Wright

Shimmering guitars, snapping drums, funky bass and crisp, soulful vocals come together on All The Time to produce a track that sounds baked in summer sunshine which would be perfectly in its element in any club, party or summer get-together. That isn’t to say however that the song doesn’t have depth, with introspective lyrics about “sensing danger” juxtaposed with “forgetting anxiety”.

Matlock natives Patawawa are part of the new wave of bands reinvigorating funk, soul and disco for the modern age. In 2016 they were featured on the Guardian’s Band of the Week and are just coming off the back of a tour earlier this month. We’ve covered Patawawa before, like their track Wires but so long as they keep putting music out there I’m happy to keep reviewing. Check out All The Time below.