The Lighthouse Family announce new album and Halifax date

Messages of hope and uplift. Sentiments of community and communion. Songs of love and connection. Tunes to sing, loudly, from the heart. It can only be The Lighthouse Family, back to dream up the magic all over again.

Indeed, the new album has something that has always been present with Lighthouse Family: a sense of optimism and renewal. “We’re trying to create something anthemic and uplifting but real,” says Paul. “That idea of: ‘I know the sun’s gonna shine again’, it’s quintessential Lighthouse Family.”

“And that’s kind of you what you want Lighthouse Family songs to do: put a Blue Sky In Your Head,” adds Paul.

New album Blue Sky In Your Head opens with the rippling, rolling, title track. Its theme is, says Tunde, similar to Ocean Drive. “A dream of a place, a dream of escape, something you want to get away to.”

Those years have not dulled Lighthouse Family’s remarkable ability to craft elegantly beautiful songs. Their first single in almost two decades, My Salvation, is an upbeat track that flies high on lush strings and has echoes of Pet Shop Boys at their imperial best. Inspired in part by the birth of Paul’s son, its sentiments chime perfectly with the band’s return. “I wrote it at the end of 2016, when there were lots of things changing in politics and it felt like there was nothing solid to hold on to. There’s the line: ‘When you say a prayer, does anybody hear, send an SOS…’ You’re looking for that touchstone that salvation can bring.”

“What happens when Tunde and I get in the studio is, we just drift off – we don’t ever row!” says Paul. “There’s no shouting or throwing things. In fact we only ever had one argument – but it lasted 20 years!”

The old itch was still there, though, and by the time the band reunited again in 2016 they were determined to make a record, something that was classic Lighthouse Family, but also sounded like it could be made today. Bunkered in a north London studio, the old friends and collaborators quickly found their groove.

“Somehow we couldn’t knock it together in the studio,” says Paul. “So we decided to go and do some shows, to remind ourselves who we are and what we do. As one of the Duran Duran guys said to me: ‘What do you want to go in the studio for? That’s where all the arguments happen! Go and do some gigs…’ So, that’s what we did, and it was great.”

The group are also going on tour, with a date at The Victoria Theatre in Halifax on November 17th.