Discovery: Aunt Margaux

Saint Frances, the new single from Canterbury based singer-songwriter Aunt Margaux is a spacey, intimate and melancholic look at love and all the tribulations it entails.

By Mark Wright

Aunt Margaux’s new single on Easter Island Records, Saint Frances, is thoroughly soaked in reverb and open space, leading to an almost dream like feeling to the song, artfully reflecting the melancholia at its heart. This said, the open spaces in this track are satisfyingly filled by bright stabs from the lead guitar and rhythmic drums in the chorus. Aunt Margaux’s voice in particular woozily guides the listener over the dreamy instrumentals in almost Florence Welch type fashion. However, despite this open feeling, Aunt Margaux still retains an expressive and soulful vocal quality.

Hailing from Canterbury, Aunt Margaux describes her music as akin to “English weather music, somewhat depressing and bleak but oddly beautiful.” This new single is a teaser for an upcoming EP, set to launch on the 17th of April. The new EP will be a follow up to her debut EP Trust Your Body, which was released last year. Certainly one to watch for fans of lo-fi, dream-pop or anything else for that matter. Check Saint Frances out below.