Green light for Minster Precinct Neighbourhood Forum

City of York Council’s Executive Planning Committee has given the go-ahead for the formal adoption of a designated Minster Precinct Neighbourhood Forum to support the Chapter of York through the next stages of the development of a Masterplan for the land and buildings that lie within the boundaries of the York Minster Precinct.

A neighbourhood forum is a statutory body that leads on the development of a neighbourhood plan in areas that are not covered by a town or parish council. The forum’s role is to represent stakeholders who live or work within the designated neighbourhood area and ensure that they are fully engaged and involved in the development of the plan. In addition, wider consultation will be held with members of the public so everyone has an opportunity to comment on emerging plans.

Welcoming the committee’s decision, Mark Calvert, local resident and Chairman of the Minster Precinct Neighbourhood said:

“For those of us who live and work within the Minster Precinct, the plans and developments for the future of our area are of vital importance. We value its contrasting qualities, from the serene tranquillity of Dean’s Park, the hustle and bustle of tourists, buskers and performers through to the beauty, awe and peace of the Minster and the lively evening and night-time atmosphere of York. My role as Chairman of the Minster Precinct Neighbourhood Forum is to ensure that all stakeholders are fully engaged and represented and have the opportunity to help mould and improve the plan. This includes those who live and work within the designated area but also everyone who is part of this wonderful City of York community. As a neighbourhood forum we strongly believe that the plan for this area of the city is seen as a plan for the community, by the community.”

Alex McCallion, Director of Works and Precinct at York Minster said:

“Ensuring a viable and sustainable business to underpin the care of the Minster lies at the heart of how we plan for the future. We are currently working with York Council, Historic England and other key stakeholders to develop a community-led masterplan. The committee’s decision means that the emerging neighbourhood plan will carry real weight in planning terms as it will set a clear direction for the future and provide certainty to funding bodies. As a neighbourhood plan, the future care of the York Minster Precinct will be embedded within the City of York Council’s Development Plan for the city.”