Discovery: Props

House on Fire by Props is a sweet and catchy electro-pop track that I guarantee will be stuck in your ear all week.

By Mark Wright

Props claims that this new track subtly alludes to the Gunpowder Plot and how Westminster could be shaken up today, but it can also be more immediately heard as a bright and summery about getting to grips perhaps with a romantic interest or a new friend. Instrumentally, the strong and semi-funky bassline is really what drives this track forwards. For those looking to dance, the song really kicks into high gear around the 1:20 mark with the sudden appearance of synth horn and flute sounds. House on Fire’s vocal performance is very strong and interesting, with an emotional sound in the chorus contrasted with a more spoken-word style in the verses reminiscent of Jimothy Lacoste.

Props is new to the scene, only having released two tracks so far; House on Fire and Wired. This said, Props is already showing great talent and potential to be a big name in electro-pop. In fact, if House on Fire were played on the radio, I could see it being one of the songs of summer 2019. Make sure to check out House on Fire by Props below.