Interview – House Handshake

We recently had the opportunity to chat to a bunch of bands from the Rogue PR label. Our latest one was with House Handshake, and it seems that they’re in the middle of quite a busy year! Read on below…

How is 2019 treating you so far?

Fantastic, this is our second year in. Our first year was full of lessons and milestones and this year will be even more challenging, but we’re prepared to tackle it all.

Have you released any music so far this year? If so, what can you tell us about that?

We’ve released our first EP House. Four tracks you can find everywhere digitally. We are very proud of it, although it is just the beginning.

Are you working on any new music at the moment? What are you working on, and when will it be released?

We are working towards a full self-titled album. Our next EP will come out this year and it’ll be called Handshake and feature another four songs, and then after that we will compile the two EPs and record another four or five songs before releasing the self titled full album and do a full physical release.

Have you got any upcoming tours planned? If so, where are you playing and where are you looking forward to going most?

We’ve been making connections across Canada with our independent and college radio stations. We’ll be going on tour sometime around summer to meet all these great stations that are kind enough to take the time to listen and throw our songs on rotation.

Who/what has influenced you the most as musicians?

It’s always been the people around us. Either friends playing music with us growing and learning or just people who are going at life at their own pace – it’s very inspiring to have these good people around us.

What have you been listening to recently that you can recommend to our readers?

Alabama Shakes and Shakey Graves are easily our favourite in the house here. Old genres by new artists staying authentic to themselves. Also Scary Pockets, they push out content every week of funk covers.

Why do you think people should pick up one of your records or come and see you live, and what can people expect from one of your shows?

People tell us that they can really sense our chemistry when we play live. We are all very close (we live together) and we share a lot of smiles on stage. We have over 30 songs we have prepared for our sets so we always change things up a little bit. We have fun shifting around the stage as we change roles and instruments. If you’re around the Winnipeg area just reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram or even our website and we can let you know where we are next.

Any last words for the fans?

Find us on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Spotify, and iTunes. Keep up with us! We have a whole lot of new ideas coming up.