Grayscale release new single ahead of Leeds date with Real Friends

Philly quintet Grayscale will release their second album Nella Vita on 06 September via Fearless Records, and the band have now released a third song from the collection. The follow-up to life-affirming single In Violet and the bittersweet Painkiller Weather, Old Friends deals with the process of grieving, and it comes from a very real place. “There is a vein of this record that lyrically revolves around someone very close to me who I lost last year — he was 20 years old,” says singer Collin Walsh. “This song empathizes with the feelings he most likely had with the world and how, if given the chance, I would’ve talked about it with him and let him know I felt the same way. This is a song about wishing you could have one more day to talk through life with someone you love.”

Nella Vita as a whole chronicles an extremely personal journey for Walsh, yet it’s one that explores relatable ups and downs in life. “The music provokes a lot of visuals, because it’s very conversational, real, and romantic,” Walsh explains. “The songs are about what you go through in life and real experiences like love, sex, being a teenager, addiction, pain, joy, grief, death, and everything. Life isn’t just one thing; neither is music. We’re a rock band, but we want people to dance, laugh, cry, and have fun.”

The band are touring with Real Friends in October, and will perform at Leeds Stylus on October 22nd.