Granfalloon to play Sheffield in October and release new album soon

The Elephant is the extraordinary new single from innovative folktronica artist: Granfalloon.

A bewitching cut that expresses an irrepressible notion of feeling overwhelmed, The Elephant, is the second track to emerge from the Manchester collective’s second album RGB – set to be released this October on 12″ vinyl and digitally.

Directed by Joko Mono in Heidelberg, Germany, The Elephant is also accompanied with an artful new video, in-part influenced by expressionist films of the 1920’s:

Granfalloon, is the musical project of Manchester based artist and producer Richard Lomax. Lomax makes a hybrid of lo-fi folk, experimental music, and electronica – weaving oddball elements, such as Omnichords, acoustic guitars, and vintage drum loops, into dreamy songs and cinematic soundscapes.

Following the release of Richard Lomax’s ambitious solo album Calendar in 2015 (an epic 52-song omnibus that compiled the fruits of a song-a-week writing period for the prolific songwriter), he would then turn his attention to a more collaborative project that would become Granfalloon’s acclaimed debut LP Down There For Dancing in 2017. Two years later, Lomax & band are now preparing its follow-up: RGB for release this October.

Granfalloon will be touring soon, with a date at Peddlar in Sheffield on October 4th.