My Wonderful Daze – EP Launch review

Warming up the crowd for My Wonderful Daze is Freek, a local twosome who surprised me by their sound. Ellis was on vocals with an echo that instantly transported me to the early seventies and the sound and bluesy rifts among the heavy rock sound had echoes of Cream and Floyd. Standing with such icons, how could we not be enthralled by a band who’s frontman has to be the politest man on stage and yet releases his demons inside through his songs!

Review and photos by Martin Frank

The main event tonight was always going to be My Wonderful Daze and the release of their Guilty Party EP but I confess as they started I fell into their trap and was left feeling disappointed. The lights were on and the band were in black with red ties and make up, supported by a dressed down Chloe ablaze with crimson red hair. Clothed in combats and sweats she introduced us to the first track of the EP, Tommy, and we were instantly pushed into the military drum beat of this incredible opening track. The toned-down visuals left us with only the music to entertain, even though Chloe danced and swirled her red locks banging her head as the track grows to a crescendo. From the onset her mosh pit of friends banged their heads to the music with the regularity of galley slaves rowing, whilst Chloe was their overseer, dominating her followers whilst fillinf the room with confidence and showmanship. The performance was beginning and all we could be was witness to what was to unfold.

The stage went black and the band played on knowing what was coming, before the lights eased up and we find the true Chloe emerge from the shadows looking like a twisted bride who died in a car crash. Bloodied and battered, this insane reincarnation screamed her laments in her messed up white laced wedding dress which instantly raised the performance level transfixing all of her disciples. Amen!

This EP launch and the tracks within it are a triumph, and musically they are on track with clever rifts and haunting tracks that make you shake your head and tap your foo. This is as good as good music gets and they need to be out there to bigger audiences. They constantly play new classic tracks in a gloriously bloody, haunting, head-spinning technicolour creative feast. These are strong powerful songs, with the occasional ballad between, and it’s all part of the overall show. We highly recommend seeing them if you have the chance!